Special Applications

Special Applications

Special applications represent MonzaTech’s passion for engineering and development of new technical and technological solutions.

Innovative products, tailor made, that translate experience and technical knowledge gained in Motorsport to real responses to specific problems and particular needs.

MonzaTech engine cooling kit
MonzaTech engine cooling kit

in collaboration with

special applications

Test bench WTS 1.0

WTS 1.0
special applications

WTS 1.0

Designed in collaboration with New Line Racing, WTS is a device that manages and controls the engine temperature in your workbench in all thermal conditions.
WTS 1.0


WTS 1.0

Less than one degree of water temperature delta during testing

Wi-fi web server to control all parameters (engine type: 60 cc, OK-J / OK, KZ)

180  l/min electronic water pump printed with CNC machinery

2 independent radiators (BIG model by New Line Racing): set the ambient temperature of the workbench and the software in wi-fi shows how to set the valve between the two radiators (closed, half open, open)

Simple to connect to the engine (plug & play)

Military connectors

Motor heating function with internal electrical resistance

Fully configurable T target

ECU control unit with information on the display

Aluminum profile dimensions (520 x 790 x 1300mm)

Mounted on wheels for easy transportation

2 fans (diameter 300 mm)

Hour counter

To purchase the WTS 1.0 – Water Temperature Stabilizer unit, contact:

Via Nirano 69/3 Maranello (MO) 41053 Italia

special applications

Banco prova WTS 1.0

WTS 1.0
kit New Line Racing

E-water pump

Kit di conversione da pompa meccanica a pompa elettrica di New Line Racing.
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